From Obscurity to Excellence The Story of the Grapes and Wines in the Russian River Valley- a Documentary Film by Maurice (Joe) Nudgent

The film includes historic footage and interviews with the wine industry legends of the Russian River Valley AVA. More than a documentary, this inspiring, and dramatic historical narrative begins with the Italian Himmigration during the 1860’s, and their acquisition of vineyards and wineries. When the wine business is devastated by prohibition, some of these families abandon grapes and wine; others continue selling grapes as bootlegging flourishes. Repeal of prohibition is followed by the Great Depression as the growers and winemakers continue to struggle through an era where large wineries emerge and compete ferociously to control what becomes known as the “Bulk Wine Business”. During this period, small, independent winemakers move into Sonoma County and a partnership between an evicted winemaker, a young farmer with a hop-growing background, and a businessman from the South Bay leads to a winemaking revolution as The Russian River Valley emerges as the source of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines in the world.

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Thank you for your interest in booking a presentation of FROM OBSCURITY TO EXCELLENCE: The Story of the Grapes and Wines of the Russian River Valley. This movie has been the major attraction at fund raisers, wine tastings and any events where wine is served. It has broad appeal as a history film with a strong motivational message of hard work, innovation and risk taking. Run time 1 hour 17 minutes. See our MEDIA page for planning materials. Thank you for your interest in our film!