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For centuries French Burgundy wines made from the most ancient Pinot Noir grape had no counterpart.  All attempts to produce an American,  Pinot Noir wine lead repeatedly to foul-tasting, pale, rose-colored, undrinkable wines.  Failures by Californias most famous winemakers growers  and agricultural institutions were so numerous that no market existed for an American Pinot Noir wine until :

One grower, using what at the time were revolutionary vineyard practices,

One winemaker without considering all of the risks, and

One real estate businessman ,who dabbled in grapes and wine on weekends

together produced a remarkable Pinot Noir that sparked a varietal revolution that transformed  a marginal grape agricultural area into the preeminent American Viticulture Area known as the Russian River Valley.

Russian River Valley Film
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- Wine Collector to Winemaker Burt Williams
- How Well Does Pinot Noir Age?
- "That's What I want to Do!" Joe Rochioli
- The Clones that Changed the County



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FROM OBSCURITY TO EXCELLENCE: The Story of the Grapes and Wines of the Russian River Valley. This movie has been the major attraction at fund raisers, wine tastings and any events where wine is served. It has broad appeal as a history film with a strong motivational message of hard work, innovation and risk taking. Run time 1 hour 17 minutes. Thank you for your interest in our film!